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The Fantasy Strike tournament is the name of a fictional, Olympic-style tournament set in a a fantasy martial arts world fractured by political conflict.[1] By extension, Fantasy Strike also refers to the world the tournament takes place in as well as the cast of characters that live in that world.

Fantasy Strike (the fictional universe) was created by David Sirlin for use in some of his games.


Key locations Edit

Flagstone Edit

Also see Flagstone

Morningstar Sanctuary Edit

Also see Morningstar Sanctuary
Morningstar Sanctuary is a "haven for free thinking, artistic endeavors, and scientific research that is immune to the laws of Flagstone."[2]

Pandalands Edit

The home of Lum Bam-Foo, Gambling Panda, and his fellow pandas. They play a version of poker which served as inspiration for the game, Pandante.

Golden Plains Edit

The home of Troq Bashar, Well-meaning Beast.


Base setEdit

There are many characters who live within the world that the Fantasy Strike tournament takes place.

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Grave Stormborne, Wind WarriorEdit

Jaina Stormborne, Phoenix ArcherEdit

Master Midori, Mentor DragonEdit

Setsuki Hiruki, Ninja StudentEdit

Garus Rook, Stone GolemEdit

Jefferson DeGrey, Ghostly DiplomatEdit

Valerie Rose, Manic PainterEdit

Max Geiger, Precise WatchmakerEdit

Lum Bam-foo, Gambling PandaEdit

Argagarg Garg, Water ShamanEdit

Flagstone AuthorityEdit

Sirus Quince, Flagstone Chief MagistrateEdit

Onimaru, Wartime StrategistEdit

Bal-Bas-Beta, Clockwork GuardianEdit

The Blood GuardEdit

Captain Zane, Blood Guard AnarchistEdit

Troq Bashar, Well-meaning BeastEdit

Vendetta, Undead AssassinEdit

Mysterious Super Powerful PeopleEdit

Master Menelker, Deathstrike DragonEdit

Mistress Percephone, Nox OracleEdit

Tragic SistersEdit

Gloria Grayson, Hopeful HealerEdit

Gwen Grayson, Doomed WandererEdit

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