For other uses, see Fantasy Strike (disambiguation) is the home of the online version of many games created by David Sirlin of Sirlin Games.

Currently you can play the games on free of charge. This is likely to change at some point, but it is possible that there will an option that lets you play for free (specific details have yet to be announced).

Note: Some users may not be able to play Yomi on the still in development dev server without experiencing browser crashes. FireFox is reportedly the most stable browser you can use for playing Yomi and Puzzle Strike online.

Games you can play on FantasyStrike.comEdit

Yomi: Fighting Card GameEdit

Play Yomi online

Yomi: Fighting Card Game is a simple competitive card game (created by David Sirlin of Sirlin Games) that simulates a Fighting game. Each deck represents one character and doubles as a regular deck of playing cards with beautiful art.

Puzzle Strike: Bag of ChipsEdit

Play Puzzle Strike online

Puzzle Strike is a card game that is played with chips instead of cards that simulates a puzzle game (that doesn't exist) that simulates a fighting game (that also doesn't exist—yet!).