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Match Contains a number of "games" (see Games). [1] E.g. "Frank won that match because he won 2 out of the 3 games, which means he won the tournament."
Game Contains a number of "rounds" (see Rounds). [1]

E.g. "Frank won that game because he won 2 out of the 3 rounds."

Round In Street Fighter (a fighting game), each "game" may have 3 rounds (e.g. "round 1; Fight!"), and the person who wins two of the rounds wins the game. [1]
Draw (game) A tie. E.g. You are both at 5 health, and you hit each other with attacks of the same speed. That would result in a double KO, which would

Different to the draw phase in Yomi.

KO Short for knock out. Means you've reached zero (0) HP (see HP).
HP Hit (or health) points.

Life, basically. In Yomi, below zero means you're knocked out and have lost (unless your opponent reached 0 HP at the same time as you).


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