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The Uncommons The Uncommons,

230 Thompson Street NY, NY 10012

A board game cafe that has a library of board games you can play, including a physical copy of Yomi: Ultimate First Edition.[1]

To quote their about page, they have:

"seating for 65, a private room for parties, and plenty of food and drink options. We take our coffee- and beer- seriously too. [...] we’re proud to feature the largest library of games on the East Coast."

(accurate as of July 2015)[2]

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  • Some stock of physical card decks (and other Sirlin Games) may be available from Fantasy Strike Expo.

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As of May 2015, physical tabletop Yomi decks are not yet available for sale in Japan, translated to Japanese.

However, Kasumi, a Japanese Yomi fan, did act as a distributor for some English Yomi decks, and sell them at an event at the 2015 Japanese Games Market [3].

You can contact Kasumi via her Fantasy Strike forum profile or via the Yomi Diver Twitter page.

For information about Yomi community groups, tournaments. and events in Japan, see:

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The online version of Yomi is sold by Sirlin Games and available on:

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  1. "We're happy to have @SirlinGames Yomi: Ultimate First Edition available for play in the library, and just got in some for sale as well!"
  2. "We're carrying Round 1, 2, and a wide variety of the decks! If it's popular, we will certainly stock!"