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Official Sirlin Games tournament document

Can be found here: Sirlin Games Tournament document

  • Note: this document is outdated and some things are not accurate. Sirlin said he'd eventually updated it. To quote Sirlin [1]:

"[that document] is old and some things are now wrong, especially about Flash Duel. Tournament rounds for Flash Duel probably need to be longer than it says. And match ties should use who advanced farthest in the final round to break ties. If that tie-break fails, players should play another round, not another entire game. I'm not sure what else is outdated, so there should probably be disclaimers if you post that."

Sirlin also shared some information about tournaments:

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To create brackets Edit


This is what Waterd used for Waterd's weekly tournaments.

Tio tournament organiser

Not 100% sure if this would work with Yomi, but Fisheatcorn, a notable Yomi player, mentioned it.

To help with time zones and scheduling Edit

  • - probably the best time zone conversion tool around. Example.

Places you can announce your tournamentEdit

Discussion forums

The Yomi wiki

You can add your tournament to the Tournaments page.

Local games stores

You could announce tournaments at your local game stores (maybe with permission from the store owner you could put up a notice about it on some sort of notice board).

If your local gamestore offers a space for playing games but you don't yet have a Yomi community group in your area (regardless of how large or small it is), perhaps you could host a Yomi demo event (perhaps in conjunction with the store) to introduce people to it.

  • If other people are going to be playing games with your Yomi cards, you may want to sleeve them so they stay in nice condition. For sleeving help, see Links to Helpful Yomi Resources.

Once your local Yomi community develops, you might be able to hold a tournament.

Yomi Player Finder


You can also announce your tournament in the in-game chat of the web, iOS, or Steam version of Yomi.

Don't do it so often as to annoy people, but telling people about your event and where they can find more information about it (i.e. a link) should be fine.

Resources for tournament players Edit

English resources:

Japanese resources:

Examples of successful tournamentsEdit

A full list of Yomi tournaments (that we know about), along with some tournament reports, can be found on the Tournaments page.

Below are notable examples of successful Yomi tournaments.

That's not to say that the tournaments couldn't be improved, but they serve as a good reference point to give you an idea of the different ways of doing a Yomi tournament, what worked, what didn't, etc.

Waterd's Weekly tournaments (2011)

  • See the Tournaments page for a list of WaterD's tournaments.

Candi's BGG Yomi Tournament 1

Yomi Los Angeles tournament (May 2015)

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