Sirlin Games is the company and label David Sirlin uses for the games he creates, and also the name (and website address) of the Sirlin Games website and online store (

Games published by Sirlin GamesEdit

Yomi: Fighting Card Game (base set)Edit

Published January 2011.

Yomi: Fighting Card Game is a simple competitive card game (created by David Sirlin of Sirlin Games) that simulates a fighting game. Each deck represents one character and doubles as a regular deck of playing cards with beautiful art. The first 10 Yomi decks were released (as part of this first, base set) after 6 years of development and testing.

Puzzle Strike: Bag of ChipsEdit

Published [month?] 2010. Puzzle Strike is a table-top game that is played with chips instead of cards that simulates a puzzle game (that doesn't exist) that simulates a fighting game (that also doesn't exist—yet!).

Flash DuelEdit

Published [month?] 2010.

Flash Duel is a simple, fast card game that simulates a duel between two Fantasy Strike characters. There are 10 characters to choose from (all included), each with 3 different special abilities. Landing just one hit wins a round, and a game is best 3 out of 5 rounds. Games take only a few minutes to play. Flash Duel: Second Edition, which includes several new game modes and other changes, is currently in development.

Chess 2: The SequelEdit

Published [month?] [year?].

Chess 2: The Sequel is sold as a rulebook you can download and view or print out, not as a physical game with components.

Games in developmentEdit

Flash Duel: Second EditionEdit

Not yet released.

Flash Duel: Second Edition. [description about new characters and modes. cite sources with ref tags] Also see: Flash Duel.

Yomi: Shadows Expansion (first expansion)Edit

Not yet released.

Yomi: Shadows Expansion. Also see: Yomi: Fighting Card Game (base set).