Welcome to the Suggestion Box.

I can tell that you want this place to grow. I want this place to grow, too, but I currently lack the resources to do that. So, I ask that we work together to achieve this dream. Give Bruce and/or me suggestions that relevant to improving this wikia, and we'll do our best to make them happen if we believe that doing so will be a great idea for this site.

You may post any suggestions that you want for this site right here as long as they are about improving this wikia. Just know that the wikia contributors may not necessarily address it soon after the suggestion is made. That just mean that we are busy. Anyway, those suggestions are always welcome.

To write a suggestion, just place it under the "Suggestion" section of this page. To contact a staff member more directly, just follow those steps: 1) become a member at Fantasy Strike forums, 2) go to "Indox" -> "Start a new conversion", and 3) make a conversion with Bruce or me, Snail Racer. 

Also, note that if I, Snail Racer, am incapable of completing a suggestion, then I may ask for your help on it. More specifically, I would primarily ask for your help with the suggestion that you have made. Because I'm not yet good at making websites, I'll usuallly ask for help for advanced website implementation like making the background, making a theme of this page, or making a template. Giving me help will be optional, but preferred. If you do want to help me and you don't know how, then directing me a someone whom can give me help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 

- Snail Racer, Bureaucrat


  • Please write suggestions in bullets like this. Also, if you are a member of the Fantasy Strike forums, please leave your username so that I may contact you about the wikia-related suggestion if I want help with making it come true. You may also PM me in a Fantasy Strike conversation about your suggestion. - Snail Racer