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Commentary on character matchups; player interviews;

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January to November 2011

Yomicast was a regular audio/video podcast that explored and discussed character matchups and game strategy for Yomi: Fighting Card Game, as well as how experienced players think.[1]
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About YomicastEdit

Episodes of Yomicast were usually in the format of an exhibition match using the web version of Yomi, with pre-match interviews and discussion, commentary during the game, and after-match discussion.[2]

Episodes were recorded, though people could watch the matches as they happen and were encouraged to ask questions during the sessions, either by posting them in the in-game chat or asking the commentator(s) during the match via the voice chat program they used (i.e. Mumble, a free-to-use, open source voice chat program).[3]

Yomicast was envisioned by Fisheatcorn (an experienced Yomi player who placed 1st in Waterd's first and third weekly tournaments, and 2nd in Waterd's fourth and fifth weekly tournaments[4]), with the support of his friend Blinky, Swiffle (who recorded the episodes), VirtualAlex (backup episode recorder), and other members of the Yomi community.

History Edit

The genesis of Yomicast was an experimental exhibition match, where Yomi player fisheatcorn played a Yomi match with player Iris Sama on the (old) web version of Yomi.

The game room was set to show hands to spectators, and while playing, fisheatcorn spoke with player Bruce over Skype, explaining why he was doing certain things and answering Bruce's questions. Fisheatcorn found he could play even while commenting and asking questions, so another exhibition match was arranged and recorded. [5] That match is no longer viewable [6].

Yomicast episode 1 began after that.


Episode 1: The pilot

Recorded 28 January 2011, 10pm GMT
Commentary Fisheatcorn and Blinky
Guest player Vivafringe
Episode description the very first trial run of Yomicast. (The audio quality on this episode isn't as good as the audio quality in later episodes.)
Episode links Part 1 of 2 - Game 1: Fisheatcorn (Geiger) vs Vivafringe (Jaina)

Part 2 of 2 - Game 2: Blinky, using Fisheatcorn's account (Lum) vs Vivafringe (Jaina)

Episode 2: Seeing Yellow

Recorded Friday 4 Feb 2011, 10pm GMT
Commentary Fisheatcorn, with discussion from Mr Yellow
Guest player Mr Yellow
Episode description in this episode, we will be looking at the Grave vs Geiger matchup, which is fairly close. Since MrYellow also mains Geiger, we will take turns to play each character and see what we can come up with.
Episode links Game 1: Fisheatcorn (Geiger) vs Mr Yellow (Grave)

Game 2: Fisheatcorn (Grave) vs Mr Yellow (Geiger)

Episode 3: Dragon beats Dragonpunch?

Recorded Friday 11th February, 10pm GMT
Commentary Fisheatcorn, Vivafringe, and Waterd103
Guest player(s) Lofobal and Wobberjacky
Episode description Waterd held the first of his weekly tournaments last Saturday, which saw plenty of Graves, who dominated at almost every level of the tournament. But 1 Midori took to the plate and sent Graves to their namesakes! The question on peoples lips, does Midori counter Grave? In this episode we discuss this matchup in depth.
Episode links Lofobal (?) vs Wobberjacky (?)
  • This match wasn't recorded.[7]

Episode 4: Bubbles Get Ninja'd!

Recorded Friday 18th Feb, 10pm GMT
Commentary Fisheatcorn
Guest player(s) Waterd and Vivafringe
Episode description taking a break from the usual Graves, we decided to look at some of the most under represented characters, Aragarg and Setsuki, in a very interesting matchup. Who wins in extreme defense vs extreme rushdown? Will Setsuki lose to Hex or will she Knockdown her way to victory? If you're interested in playing these characters, don't miss out on [this] episode!
Episode links

Episode 5: Painting Pandas

Recorded Friday 25th Feb - 10pm GMT
Commentary Fisheatcorn 
Guest player(s) Sotek, Garcia1000
Episode description We enter the wonderful world of Garcia and his Lum antics. Learn how to effectively set up Poker Flourish for specific matchups and in particular how he deals with Valerie.
Episode links

Episode 6: Gary: Rook, I choose you!

Recorded 4 March 2011
Commentary Fisheatcorn, Vivafringe, Lofo
Guest player(s) CWheezy, Waterd
Episode description Rook has been largely claimed to be potentially the worst character, yet someone who has a lot of success with him is CWheezy. It's time to pick his mind and see what he does differently to make the most out of Rook. Waterd is another top player who recently changed from Grave to Degray. Again, Waterd plays Degray differently to most people, giving him some good results! 
Episode links

Episode 7:

Recorded 3 November 2011
Guest player(s) vivafringe, GreyWithAnE
Episode description
Episode links


  • Yomicast drew inspiration from the community-building work of Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, an experienced Street Fighter 4 player who has done much to build and improve the Street Fighter 4 and fighting game community by creating regular podcasts[8] and video productions that feature interviews with experienced players, discussion of strategy and the fighting came community, and commentated tournament matches.[9]
  • Yomicast commentary was originally done via Skype, though the Yomicast team eventually switched to using a Mumble server to improve the audio quality of the voice commentary.
  • As of May 2015, the Yomicast video series received 5,499 views. [10]

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